The Elden Ring patch corrects a save issue on the PS5.

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The Elden Ring patch corrects a save issue on the PS5.

Since the release of Elden Ring, players have been reporting a bug where their save data is not being properly updated after they die. This has caused a lot of frustration for many people who have put hours into the game, only to lose all their progress when they die. Thankfully, a new patch has been released that fixes this issue.

However, after installing the update, some players are having problems.

The Elden Ring developers, FromSoftware, have released a fix for the glitch that deleted game save data on PS5 (via Polygon). In a tweet, developers stated that they've made "changes to save progression even when the game is not terminated" on PS5.

Last week, Bandai Namco's Elden Ring developer warned PS5 owners that placing the system in rest mode or turning it off while the game is running might lead to save issues. Instead, players were advised to manually save their progress by exiting through the menu. Hopefully, this issue will be resolved with the new update.

Meanwhile, the PC patch fixes a bug that might cause the game to crash during fights with the Fire Giant, as well as a much more serious issue in which the game is unable to identify players' graphics cards, causing poor performance.

Technical difficulties, including some that may have been introduced with this patch, remain a problem for Elden Ring. Since installing the update, his game has been crashing frequently, according to Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier on Twitter, but it's unclear which platform he's playing on.

After the patch was released, some gamers on PC and PS5 were having difficulties. The most popular problems reported after installing the update include severe freezes, game unavailability, and a loss of functionality for PS4 players to play with others on PS5.


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