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Frequently Asked Questions:

  •  Who is this inhaler for? Gamers, festival attendees and anyone looking for a convenient pick me up or clearing of sinuses. This is not intended as a 1:1 replacement for stimulants such as coffee or caffeinated beverages, but rather a safe, alternative solution for those looking to reduce their usage. Others have found these inhalers to be the perfect substitute for vaping and smoking. Many love having one on hand at their favorite music venue or music fest. These also make an excellent gift for family and friends who could "GIT GUD!"
  • What does this inhaler do? Decongestant for clogged nasal passages, relieves headaches and provides an instant refresh to provide temporary relief of sinuses and combat brain fog. This is not a "vape" product, but rather a plastic tube that you place in your nose and gently inhale. There is no smoke, simply naturally stimulating vapors contained within the oils found within the tube. This is not a one-fix solution, but rather an additional tool to be used to enhance the gaming experience. We advocate for patience and practice to improve your gaming performance and truly GIT GUD!
  • When would someone use this inhaler? They can be used at any time throughout the day. Because there are no addicting chemicals in this product, it's entirely up to the person inhaling. Once a day or fifty, it's entirely optional on usage with nearly unlimited uses within the first two months of opening.
  • Where can I use this inhaler? Anywhere on planet Earth (well, maybe not underwater). Conveniently designed for the active lifestyle, it fits in pockets to carry on the go and can easily be placed for quick access at your battle station (aka desk).
  • Why would someone use this inhaler? Our goal is to provide a product that you can use late at night and throughout the day without worry. To perform at your best, we advocate for healthy lifestyle habits such as exercising, eating well and getting a full night’s rest daily. GIT GUD inhalers serve as a temporary quick fix for those times when you need an extra little boost, and want a minty, refreshing scent other than the standard menthol scent typically found in nasal inhalers. WinnerMint features primarily a peppermint and wintergreen scent that many akin to Wintergreen gum. As with all aromatherapy products, the effects vary from person to person. Our formula has been tested extensively to provide a premium and natural, inhalation solution.