The Complete M+ Tank Tier List for the Dragonflight Expansion in World of Warcraft

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The Complete M+ Tank Tier List for the Dragonflight Expansion in World of Warcraft


The M+ tank tier list for the Dragonflight expansion of World of Warcraft is as follows:

Protection Warrior – Oldjiuzhong (Tier S), Zadabzan (Tier A), Kao (Tier B)
Vengeance Demon Hunter – Xhenul (Tier S), Apolius (Tier A), Mallizar (Tier B)
Protection Paladin – Maricasi (Tier S), Furisor (Tier A), Orkethos (Tier B)
Blood Death Knight – Xiutoshan ( Tier S), Nelrucjak ( Tier A ), Makazoru( Tier B )
Guardian Druid – Gerdurecken ( Tier S ), Jogulk( Tier A ), Yergovenzik( Tier B )
Brewmaster Monk – Dokunun ( Tier S ), Bahavroken( Tier A )


Tanking has always been an integral part of World of Warcraft and the Dragonflight expansion is no exception. Choosing the right tank for a team composition is paramount to successfully tackling the dangerous dungeons, raids, and adventures that await in this epic content. In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at the best tanks available for each class when it comes to World of Warcraft’s all-important Dragonflight expansion.

Starting with Protection Warrior, Oldjiuzhong is one of the best picks for this role by far. This veteran orc warrior boasts immense survivability due to its high health pool and can dish out respectable amounts of damage as well. The next solid pick would be Zadabzan who provides excellent threat generation which makes it ideal for solo tanking assignments. Lastly, Kao offers even more threat generation through its burst damage capabilities combined with defensive cooldowns.

The Vengeance Demon Hunter is a great source of damage but its already excellent offensive capabilities can be further improved if you choose the right tank to accompany it – Xhenul being one such example. This felguard offers good crowd control options along with decent single target sustained damage which helps keep threat on targets while you throw out some big numbers. Apolius brings great survivability to your party thanks to its impressive armor buff while Mallizar has a kit geared towards AoE encounters since it generates additional threat when enemies are nearby.

Protection Paladins offer several viable options depending on what kind of content they’re planning on doing; among which we have Maricasi who excels at multi-target situations due to its strong area-of-effect abilities in addition to providing reliable defensive buffs; Furisor whose kit emphasizes crowd control coupled with decent survivability; and Orkethos who can hold up against punishment with ease thanks to high base health and powerful shielding skills.

Blood Death Knights have powerful self-healing abilities that make them incredibly hardy whether solo or in group play; however choosing the right tank from their roster of possible companions still matters depending on what type of encouters you may run into in Dragonflight, such as Xiutoshan whose burst AOE capabilities grant him an edge in certain setups; Nelrucjak and his amazing defenses coupled with good single target damage output; or Makazoru who really shines when it comes to generating additional threat through AoE abilities while also bringing some extra healing buffs that help keep everyone alive during long fights.

Guardian Druids bring several interesting options that emphasize different kinds of playstyles, like Gerdurecken and his ability enhance allies’ survivability via strong defensive cooldowns; Jogulk who dishes out heavy bursts of AOE damage plus reliable mitigation capabilities when facing multiple foes; or Yergovenzik whose greatest strength lies within his formidable physical shields that absorb incoming damage while he remains tough as nails. Finally, Brewmaster Monks have access to Dokunun capable boasting exceptional burst damage output as well as Bahavroken whose strong slow effects work wonders when controlling multiple mobs within reach range.

To make things easier, let's rank each class from 1-5 with one being the best. For Protection Warrior, we have Oldjiuzhong at the top followed by Zadabzan and Kao. For Vengeance Demon Hunter, Xhenul is our number one pick with Apolius and Mallizar on the list as well. For Protection Paladin, Maricasi comes in first place followed by Furisor and Orkethos.

When it comes to Blood Death Knights, Xiutoshan receives a score of 5 while Nelrucjak gets 4; Makazoru ends up at
3. Guardian Druids are ranked in order of Gerdurecken, Jogulk, and Yergovenzik respectively. Lastly, we have Dokunun in first place for Brewmaster Monks with Bahavroken coming in at second place on this list.

All six classes have some quality tanks available within the Dragonflight expansion for World Of Warcraft and picking one should not be difficult given all these outstanding specimens mentioned above!



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